Sutron India has taken a new initiative to support small, medium & large System Integrators for supply and maintenance of Sutron manufactured products, software  and maintenance services as a “Cost- Effective Package” with a service commitment of 15 years.
 1.0 Value Added Package for System Integration Companies (SIG) :
Option 1: buy main product (as stated below in para 2) from Sutron and built-up a turnkey system with 3rd party - sensors, communication units, software & receive site.
Option 2: buy turnkey system including Datalogger, sensors, communication units, software and receive site form Sutron.
2.0 Products Supply:
1.1Dataloggers – 4 models suitable for different applications.
1.2Satlink Logger – INSAT Satellite Transmitter with Built-In Data Logger.
1.3Constant flow bubbler with Built-In Data Logger.
1.4Shaft Encoder with Built-In Data Logger.
1.5Radar Level Recorder with Built-In Data Logger.
1.6 Atmospheric Pressure sensor.
1.7 Bubbler Water Level System.
1.8Stainless Steel Rain Gauge.
1.9 Total Precipitation Gauge.
1.10SDI-12 Analog Input Module.
1.11SDI Wireless Link.
1.12TDMA or PRBS based Digital Satellite Receipt Direct Readout Ground Station.
1.13 Entire range of over 100 items. For details please visit
3.0 System Integration, Software, Repair / Maintenance Service:
3.1 System Integration Services:Datalogger is the centre and most important component of a data acquisition system. Sutron Dataloggers are high performance data recorders with multi-tasking capabilities of making measurement and communication simultaneously. The loggers can be customized with BASIC or C++ routines to support measurement, processing and communication for any hydrological, meteorological &/or control applications. The dataloggers provide unparalleled sensor support through expandable I/O capabilities and built-in program libraries.

Most of the sensors, accessories, communication units are manufactured by several manufacturers in the world including Sutron. Any of these items can be integrated with Sutron dataloggers and turnkey solution can be provided to a customer. System Integration Services, if required, will be provided by Sutron India.
3.2 Software: Sutron has very strong System and Application software to meet requirement of different customers. There are several other companies selling software to System Integrators around the world. Sutron software can be provided to System Integrators, if required, to meet the customer requirement.
3.3 Repair & Maintenance Services: Repair and Maintenance services can be provided by Sutron India most expeditiously. If necessary service stock can be provided to make the customer station working - till the defective items are repaired and return during warranty and post warranty period.
3.4 Commercial: Sutron India understands commercial requirements of System Integration Companies. Sutron offers a “Value Added Package” of product and services as broadly defined below :

(i)All products will be supplied at an attractive and competitive international price. The products can be Invoiced from Delhi. No LC is     required in advance for shipment of imported items from abroad.

(ii)40% payment along with the confirmed order. Balance 60% payment against deliver - after products are tested at Sutron facility in Delhi.      This facility provides :

(a)lower investment compared to opening of 100% LC against shipment.

(b)covers the risk against receipt of any defective / damaged products during transit / delivery from factory.

(iii)Sutron assures 15 years product service support.

(iv)Technical support over telephone will be free.

(v)Field engineer support at site, system integration or any other repair service support, if required, will be provided at a reasonable cost.

(vi)Sutron has 6 support centers and 20 trained engineers located at New Delhi, Jaipur (Rajasthan), Dibrugarh (Assam), Burla (Orissa),      Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) and Coimbatore (Tamilnadu) and spare over Rs. 1.2 Crores in stock to meet customer requirement any      time.
We hope above business proposal may be of interest to you. You might have experienced that there is “GREAT RISK” of buying different imported items through “individual sales representative of foreign companies” operating without any service support infrastructure. We can assure you of our “cost-effective solution” with Total Service Commitment” for your System Integration business in India.
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