Sutron Hydromet Systems Private Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Sutron Corporation, 22400 Davis Drive, Sterling, Virginia, USA 20164. Sutron is operating directly in India since 2001. The Indian operations of Sutron started as a branch office with the permission of RBI in 2001. Subsequently, in 2005, Sutron Corporation USA incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary company under Indian Companies Act 1956.

Sutron is dedicated to providing reliable remote monitoring equipment that meets or exceeds WMO standards in India.

Sutron USA - an ISO 9001:2000 Certified company, supplies real-time data collection, telemetry, and technical expertise to monitor, control, manage, model, and forecast in areas of hydrology, meteorology, and water management. Since 1975, Sutron has produced systems, equipment and software that collect, store, and transmit from extreme locales to PDAs, desktop or laptop computers located anywhere on the planet using satellite, internet, radio or telephone communications.

Sutron Hydro-Met Systems Pvt. Ltd. has provided state-of-the-art technology to India for over 10 years. During this time we have designed and integrated over 1000 Real-Time Hydro-Met Monitoring Stations and 7 Digital Earth Receive Stations for reception of remote site data through INSAT / KALPANA satellite for the India Meteorological Department, the Central Water Commission, the Government of Andhra Pradesh (Cyclone Forecast and Mitigation Project), the Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment, the Ministry of Defense, BBMB and other Government of India agencies.
  Sutron has unique advantages over all other manufacturer for following reasons:
Sutron designs, develops and manufactures its own loggers and satellite transmitter.,
Sutron has 6 offices in India and 20 engineers working full-time to support our customers throughout the nation.
Sutron has provided over 1000 remote monitoring stations in India.
Sutron provides annual maintenance to IMD, CWC and GOAP.
Sutron equipment is very user-friendly.
Easy to use
Sutron has been working with customers in India approximately 15 years. Sutron understands the climatic conditions and operating environment in India.
Sutron has installed more WMO-Compliant AWS Stations using various multiple communications techniques such as INSAT, GSM/GPRS, LOS Radio, IP-Based Systems than any other Hydro-Met Monitoring vendor in India.
Sutron has a record of completing most projects ON-TIME.
Sutron Hydromet Systems Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi / Sutron Corporation, Branch Office, New Delhi D-128-129, 1st Floor, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase – I, New Delhi – 110020 Tel. No.: 011-41759224 / 41759750 Fax: 011-41759225 Email: india@sutron.com
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